José Saramago

28.1.06 at 3:42 da tarde

Obras de José Saramago na Feira Internacional do Livro de Cuba

A obra literária de José Saramago terá lugar de destaque na 15ª Feira Internacional do Livro de Cuba. Segundo a Prensa Latina, "Ensayos sobre la lucidez and Memorial del Convento, plays by Jose Saramago, 1998 Nobel Prizewinner in literature, will be presented at Cuba´s 16th International Book Fair.

Elizabeth Diaz, literature and art publishing director for Saramago´s works in the island, told Prensa Latina the two pieces of the Portuguese writer will be the main attraction of her publishing house in the International Fair.

Diaz also said Art and Literature will present 18 previously unpublished titles for avid Cuban readers in Moro Cabanas Park, the Fair venue in Havana, which will run until March 5.

Epistolary and other works is another interesting volume to be presented: an exhaustive compilation of the correspondence and conferences of Venezuelan writer Teresa de La Parra, the first novelist in this country to achieve universal fame.

The 16th International Book Fair has Venezuela as special guest this year."

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